Hello my fellow people!

It has been years and i suddenly decided to log in my blog. Cause i’m back from a huge break or the fact i forgot about my blog. Many days has passed and never i thought i would forget my blog. Simply school and i got a job. But i still like that fact about bloging cause you can write anyhting what you want cause it’s your blog. But instead thinking about what direction i want to go with my blog or what the write about is cause difficult cause i still don’t know.

I like being a writer and i love to read. This blog started as a beautyblog but everyone is becoming a beautyblogger or MUA how it’s called. But i didn’t know to out shine these people i was afraid i’m going to be a stereotype beautyblogger who is making pouting faces and say that every product that i use is “good”. Deep inside i know that is a robot who is being progammed by instagram MUA and just want to join their “clique”

I just want to be  Fahima the no so called typical girl who loves makeup ect ect. I still watch Youtube videos cause i believe you can learn from it. Right know i still trying to find out who i am. If someone is going to asked who is Fahima that i can describe her what human she’s is. But i’m 21 soon to be 22 and i still don’t know. Do people in their mid 30’s know who they are? or you’ll finally found out who you are by you’re death bed?. The things i’d know are that i love Sailor Moon, Sparkly things like glitter, Blue and Purple are my fave colors, Michael Jackson is my fave music artist and i also love the korean boygroup Super Junior. My dream is to become a English teacher and travel the world (which is basic as hell everyone wants to do that). 

Let’s find the path we will be walking our entire life and make something off it. 

Kisses from the only girl who can be ordinary and wear a hijab at the same time!



A new start

As Salamu Aleikum Sisters!

It has been freaking 3 months since i posted or worked on my YouTube Channel and my blog. And there’s a reason for, you know that place that you have to go every morning a spent most of the time there with annoying teachers and classmated you know that place SCHOOL!!!!

I’m really ashamed at myself for this action and specially now since i start with my intership which ends in January. That’s why i deciced to make a huge update on my blog and youtube channel. I want to change the layout and i want set a goal with this blog, and focus more into it.

On Febuari you’ll see and new diffrent a re-styled blog. With new concept, new image and everything.


I hope you guys can will until then!

Wa Aleikum Salaam,

Fahima Abdi

#Beautynews KIKO milano opening new store in EINDHOVEN

Hello Beauty’s !

New beauty news! Since i live in a small country a.k.a Netherlands. Sometimes is hard to find some beautybrands because they don’t sell their products in my country, Which is bothersome and at the same time they may sell the products in the capital Amsterdam. And that takes me 1,5 hour to travel and trust me i don’t have time.

But let’s go to the best news KIKO milano is opening a new store in a city nearby me! I always have a little crush on KIKO products and was kinda of jealous of the people had easy acces to the products. But finally i’ll stop complaining. The opening date is still no unknown but i’ll update when the store is official open. So since i cannot wait to buy their products i already check their website for some products that i want to buy.

KIKO milano soft blush in color Light plum

This blush is a perfect fall blush! It has this berry purplish color which will look beautifull on my cheeks for this fall.

Featured image

Midnight Siren limited Editon Highlighter in color Twilight Gold 

Cause my face looks so grey and ashy in the winter. It lose my natural glow, that’s why you can use highlighter to bring the beautiful glow back. And specially creme highlighters are amazing to use! they last long on the face and even looks more natural than a baked one.

Featured image

Velvet mat lipstick in color Warm Brown

The brown lipstick remind me of the 90s. Woman like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson were rocking this color, and lately me too! For a black person it will suite so beautiful. This is the perfect fall color, that’s why this lipstick deserve on my list! Disclaimer this is not the color what i ment! This lipstick has a different color.

Featured image

So this was my beautynews! I cannot wait to buy this KIKO products in the stor. You guys will be updated when the store is opening.

See ya,

Fahima Abdi

Disclaimer the photo’s are not mine. 

Photo look : Grungy

Hello Ladies!

Today a make up look that i tried, i decided to do a grungy look  I used Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Cause the weather has been lately really grey and raining all day that’s why i was inspired by this make up look. I also did dark purple ombre lips which gave the make up look more an edgy side.

I specially use purple,grey and black. This make up look will amazing on a cool skintone. For people with more warmer skintone try use more warmer colors and avoid the cool colors otherwhise you’ll really look grey.

Featured image

Here is a photo of the look. I first apply a naturel brown color on my moving eye lid, cause i already have a dark eye lid i want to hid it. After that i apply a lilac color on the brown eyeshadow and i grab a fluffy blendig brush. I brush the lilac eyeshadow againt my crease to remove the harsh lines. Than i applied a dark grey tone eyeshadow in the crease and also blend it with the fluffy blending brush. Next i use a black eyeshadow color in the outer corner of my eyes i made a V motion on outer corner. And again grab a blending brush and blend after together to get a soft smokey eye look. After that i use the lilac eyeshadow the same on which i use at the beginning i reapply that on the moving eye lid.

Featured image

After i apply some blush, bronzer and highlighter i moved to my lips. I use three colors a black lipstick from Essennce, a dark purple by Catrice Cosmetics and a light pink/purplish color from Collection from the Little Mix collection. A grab a lippencil and use the black lipstick to line my lips. After that i grab the dark purple and fill the lipstick on the rest of lips. Next i use the pink/purplish lipstick and applied that on the center of my lips. I did overline my lips to spice up the look. Normally i don’t use this trick but for this lips look i needed to look neat that’s why i use my conclear to draw a neat line next to my lips .

Featured image

This is the final result of the photo look. I hope you guys like it and if you want to see a video of the look i may do it! Here is a list of the products i used to create this look.

 MAC face and body foundation N7

MAC pro longwear conclear NW40

Catrice Cosmetics transluent powder

Urban Decay basics matte in color crave (eyebrows)

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

Sleek face and form palette medium (Bronzer and Blush)

Benefit Sunbeam highlighter

Essence black lipstick

Catrice Cosmetics purple lipstick

Collection Little Mix lipstick “Perrie”

See ya,

Fahima Abdi

What does inner beauty means to you?

As Salamu Aleikum sisters

Today a different side of the beauty. Normally what i write about is beauty for the outside and not the inside. But i also find it important to talk about the beauty inside. Specially when my religion mention it so many times that you need to work about the beauty inside, woman at these days are victimes when it comes to beauty which is sad to see.

Sometimes i feel like I need to take responsibility to make looks way more important then how nice you are. Inner beauty really means how you trurly are, and forget about the fake person that you’re making up. Specially pre-teens and young adults feel always the pressure to show them selfs like someone else, cause maybe they won’t be accept by the society.

Girls just be yourself! this may be the most cliché thing you ever heard, but it’s the truth. People are not saying this without any reason, and being yourself is way more fun and less pressure than being someone you’re not. Everyone has flaws even me! but you can learn from those flaws, life is a test that’s what Allah swt taught me. Cause why living a life without a purpose.

Beautful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful – Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) 

I hope everyone like this post, i feel like at these people everyone forget about their inner beauty. Beauty is not about having a beautiful face, but about having a good heart and most important a beautiful soul.

Wa Aleikum Salaam

Fahima Abdi

Review : MUA Romantic Efflorescence eyeshadow palette

As Salamu Aleikum Sisters!

I couldn’t be more happy than when I saw the new palette of MUA ( Makeup Academy). The palette is called Romantic Efflorescence I think the colors are inspire of Paris, cause when I see this palette It really reminds me of Paris. The palette has naturel colors but also dark purplish colors. It screams romantic vibes. I already have the Undress me too palette of MUA is a great alternative if you don’t want to waste a lot of money. Cause the palette is an amazing dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2.

Let’s get started.

So this is how the palette looks like, it’s a cheap plastic package like we are familiar with MUA. It also has a sticker in the corner with the name of the palette. The palette also comes with a double ended sponge applicator, I never use those things normally I throw them away. Here are the ingredients.

Featured imageFeatured image

This how the palette looks like from the inside, it has twelve shades. You can make so many looks with this palette you can make smokey eyes but also naturel look. I happy you can use it in so many ways. It has metallic and matte colors in it.

Featured image

First row : Mesmeric, Tempt, Corrupt, Obsessed, Lavish, Fiery

Second row: Bewitch, Magnet, Expossed, Siren, Reveal, Capitivate

So I swatch every eyeshadow. And I’m kind of disappointment so you can see the metallic colors look amazing with a lot of pigments but for the matte colors. You barely see any colors I even had put more product on my finger so you can see it on the picture. I didn’t expect that cause I normally have really good experience with MUA.

Featured imageFeatured image

So this was my review, the palette cost 5 euros and you can buy it in Kruidvat

I hope you guys like it!

Wa Aleikum Salaam,

Do you need to buy expensive make up for a good look?

As Salamu Aleikum Sisters!

This is a good topic to talk about. Specially for the girls who follow many beauty bloggers or Youtubers, who sometimes may think that you need to buy expensive make up like MAC,Bobbi Brown,Dior etc. to get a some make up look. But the answer is NO!

You don’t need to buy expensive brand to get a make up look like the beautyguru are doing. There are a lot good budget brands with amazing pigments and quality, it’s so sad to see girls working and saving money to buy some expensive foundation just to get that glowy look. Sometimes i feel like that a lot big beautygurus are telling the young girls or kinda brainwashing them to get the same products as they have. I think when the product is worth to waste money for it then do it, but don’t do just because everyone has it.

I hope you guys are understandig what i’m saying, sorry if a offended someone.

Wa Aleikum Salaam

Fahima Abdi